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Privacy and Policy
## **policy on members' photo uploads** We advise every member and new member on LoveMe Netz to adjust their photo uploads so as not to fall victim to scammers. Only a maximum of 20 photos are advised to be uploaded by our members. ## **Profile Photo** Members are strongly advised to upload their profile photo and cover photo to make their profile stand out as real and legit to our users. Members without a profile photo or cover photo will not be activated and have access to their mailbox. ## **Advertising** We use our members' interests to provide relevant and non-annoying advertisements to our members. Your information with us is not shared with other third parties. We only use it to provide relevant advertisements to you, and you use it for your personal usage, for logins and so on. Note that all information collected from you is not shared with third parties for any reason. Your information with us is in a vault. **Policies on privacy** Most people skip over the privacy policy when joining a social network. However, users can learn a lot of useful information by reviewing a privacy policy before signing up for a service. A social network’s privacy policy will explain how the social network will collect and use information about people who visit the site. **When registering an account with us,** * Use a strong password that is distinct from the passwords you use to access other websites. Ideally, you should use a password manager to generate and store your passwords. * If you are asked to provide security questions, use information that others would not know about you, or, even better, don't use accurate information at all. If you are using a password manager, record the false questions and answers and refer to your password manager if you need to recover your account. * Consider creating a new email address to use only with our social media profiles. * Provide the minimum amount of personal information necessary, or that you feel comfortable providing. * Review the privacy policy and terms of service. * During the registration process, LoveMe Netz often solicits you to provide an email account password so that they can access your address book. If you consider using this feature, make sure to read all the terms so that you understand what will be done with this information.