About LoveMe
LoveMe social network is a community platform full of many features to explore for community relation across the African. We build this Social network for people's to get connected with many people out there who want to engage theirself in friendship zone. Our site include the powerful tools which u can explore to make the yourself comfortable and free with this powerful engine built for you. Here are the powerful tools to explore LoveMe: Group, Organisation's, Channels, People who view me, Album, and so on. You can create multiple account for yourself using same password either private account or commercial account or fans account. Our site is free and always be free to use, just be a regular member. Our members get promoted for every activities made on the site either by posting or discussing for next rank to explore the powerful feature. It's free and it will always be. Posting mostly increase your chances of getting promoted to next level. We the site Admins monitor members activities for the promotion. Don't be discourage if you're not allow to visit some pages in the site all you need to do is to create more post and you will be promoted. If you're creating a Channels, group, and organisation's for religious, hacking and so on kindly make it private for you and your member. Welcome to the new discovery of Social Network for the next generation social network that bounds Africa together.